Geeking Out on VPR

As geek has become chic, Vermont's geek community as become more robust and organized.

From VPR:

They were the kids who sat together in the high school cafeteria, dressed a little funny and laughed at jokes that none of the rest of the class quite understood. They were into Star Wars, Star Trek, roll-playing games and comic books. Really into it.

But now, being a geek has become more socially acceptable. Dare we say geek is now chic.

We speak with self-identified geeks Andrew Liptak, co-founder of the group Geek Mountain State, and writers Kristin Dearborn and Brian Staveley about what it’s like to live the geek life and where geeks hang out in Vermont.

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Listen at Noon tomorrow (December 22nd) or at 7:00pm.