Queen City Melee IV

Quarterstaff Games is hosting a fun looking game day: Super Smash Brothers melee on Sunday, December 14th from 11:00am to 7:00pm!

A whole day set aside to play Super Smash Bros. Melee at Quarterstaff Games with friends! What more could one want in these cold, gray months? Be you casual or competitive, stop on by for some serious fun. Queen City Melee 4!!!!

– 11:00AM Registration begins, friendly games may begin at this time as well
– NOON Teams bracket begins
– 3:00PM Singles bracket begins

– Melee Teams 5$ per person (10$ per team)
– Melee Singles 10 $ per person
– Venue fee 8$
5$ discount for the first 5 FULL* setups
3$ discount for any full setups brought afterwords
*A full setup includes a CRT TV (aka big ol’ tube TV), a console (Gamecube or Wii), and a copy of Super Smash Bros Melee.
– If you just want to hang out and play, that’s FREE! There is no venue fee unless you are entering the tournament.

– 1st place: 60%
– 2nd place: 30%
– 3rd place: 10%
– Everyone who registers for either tournament can opt to be entered into winning a random MTG Booster drawing as well!

RSVP here.