Coffee Is My Religion – Nathan Meunier

Southern VT freelancer Nathan Meunier has a new book of essays out about the craft of freelance writing: Coffee is by Religion.

In this collection of quirky personal essays on the writing life, long-time freelancer, author, and video game journalist Nathan Meunier spills his brain onto the page and encourages you to roll around in it.

In Volume I, Nathan’s heartfelt and goofy tales touch on writing-centric topics like working on tight deadlines, what it’s like being edited, and dealing with online criticism of your work. He shares his adventures in self-publishing, muses about how the power of coffee propelled him through a decade of word-slinging, and details the antics of his ever-growing pet armada. In-between, he tackles video games, childhood memories, the challenges and tribulations of being a professional writer, and much more. It’s all filtered through a fairly wacky lens and written in a personal narrative style that’s both entertaining and informative.

Pick it up for $.99 here!