Crowdfund this: Contemporary Vermont Fiction Anthology

This looks like a very cool project to support:

Contemporary Vermont Fiction: An Anthology is a 240-page collection of short fiction by established Vermont-based writers, each rendering their own unique and diverse perspectives on the cultural and physical landscape of the Green Mountain State.

Featuring a foreword by John Elder and stories by Howard Frank Mosher, Annie Proulx, Wallace Stegner, Megan Mayhew Bergman, Castle Freeman, Jr., Laurie Alberts, Ellen Lesser, Joseph Bruchac, Jeffrey Lent, Suzanne Kingsbury, Miciah Bay Gault, Robin MacArthur, Bill Schubart, Peter Gould and an original story written for the book by Julia Alvarez, this book will be released in early November of this year by Green Writers Press.

They’re looking to raise $3000, and they’ve just hit the 45% mark. $25 gets you a copy, and there’s some other options up top. Pledge here.