VT Digger Examine’s Peter Italia’s West Africa Trip & Vermont’s Response

VT Digger has a great article on Peter Italia’s trip to West Africa to survey the Ebola Outbreak and the steps the state took to try and determine what he was up to, and ultimately, how they came to quarantine the man in an undisclosed Rutland hotel:

Peter Italia knew something was wrong when he stepped off the airplane in New York City and found two uniformed security guards waiting for him on the jetway.

The guards flanked him — one in front, one behind — and led Italia to a medical office inside JFK airport. A doctor invited him into the examination room. Another doctor walked in, dressed in protective gear.

The doctors took his temperature, questioned him about his trip to West Africa to observe the Ebola outbreak that has killed more than 5,000 people, then set him free.

But the 61-year-old Rutland man wasn’t really free. When he walked out of the screening area, two other people waited for him with a car parked outside. They slipped him out through a security door, into the car and drove him away.

I’ve been following Italia’s posts on his Facebook page since he got back, and the entire situation since the state convened a sudden press conference a couple of weeks ago following his return to the United States. He’s an interesting character, and it seems as though while his motives for travelling overseas were fairly altruistic, his background was not terribly credible, leading the state to determine that it was too much of risk to leave him unmonitored.

Read the entire article here.

2 thoughts on “VT Digger Examine’s Peter Italia’s West Africa Trip & Vermont’s Response

    • Yeah, that was something that I came across early on. It’s something that he’s noted a number of times. Not being a mental health professional, I’m not going to try and cast any sort of judgement or draw too much from that, and the state seems to have come to a couple of conclusions without actually examining him, which strikes me as worrisome.

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