VTIFF After Dark: Horror Films @ Artsriot

The Vermont International Film Festival has started up and will run for the rest of the week. Over the course of the week, they’re screening three new horror films (one screened on Sunday. Coming up,

Tuesday, October 28th: Honeymoon

Writer/Director Leigh Janiak’s first feature Honeymoon is a doozy. Two young newlyweds head to a secluded cabin in the woods to escape the city. On their second night Paul (Harry Treadaway) rises early to go fishing and discovers Bea (Rose Leslie of Game of Thrones) out of bed and possibly missing in the pitch-black woods. He finds her standing nude in a state of shock. Following this she seems somehow wholly different, clearly concealing a terrible fate, and the days following descend into terror and madness. Honeymoon deftly capitalizes on our fears – not only the fear of the unknown or the boogeyman in the woods, but the fear of love lost and anxieties that can be found in a new relationship – “How well do I really know this person I married?” This taut and smoldering horror’s strength comes from two incredible performances – that will leave you gutted.

Thursday, October 30th: Life After Beth

Is there life (or death) left in the Rom/Com/Zom genre? Yes! Zach (Dane DeHann) is crushed by the accidental death of his girlfriend, Beth (Aubrey Plaza) by snakebite. When she miraculously comes back to life, Zach jumps at a second chance with Beth and promises not to take their relationship for granted. Problem is – Beth is acting really strange. It isn’t long before Zach’s world (and relationship) spins totally out of control. Life is tough when you’re dating a dead girl. Writer/Director Jeff Baena (I Heart Huckabees) unearths a fresh and hilarious take on zombies, bringing together an all star comedy cast including Aubrey Plaza (Parks & Recreation), John C. Reilly, Molly Shannon and Anna Kendrick. Get ready for a fun and gory ride!

The festival ends on Saturday, November 1st. A full schedule can be found here.