Fiction: Disturbance at 124 Sycamore

Friend of GMS, Bill Simmon has recently released a short story to called Disturbance at 124 Sycamore. Here’s a taste:

The house was unremarkable. Like most of the rest of the houses in the neighborhood, it was built in the 1930s by Italian laborers, but was now occupied by Puerto Ricans. Looking at it from the street, there was nothing peculiar about the place, except perhaps for the large number of cars that were parked out front, which was a bit unusual for a weekday. The small garden by the front porch had not been tended to in some time and on this day, it was filling up with the cigarette butts of the nervous and impatient smokers who periodically stepped outside for a breather.

Inside, the house was crowded. Half eaten casseroles and pies adorned every table. Mrs. Delgado was indisposed so some of the neighborhood wives had naturally fallen in as proxy hostesses — refilling wine glasses, picking up dirty dishes, scolding children who misbehaved. The men of the neighborhood chatted quietly with solemn and concerned faces. Some tried to console Mr. Delgado, but inevitably gave up, unable to dislodge his far-away stare and anguished countenance.

Read the rest here.