Geek Day today Across Vermont!

Today is loaded with geek things across the state of Vermont today! Here’s some of the things that you can get up to.

First and foremost, Vermont Comic Con is kicking off at 10 up in Sheraton Hotel in Burlington. We’ll be there, along with a number of comic book artists, vendors, gamers and fans. (We’re getting there a bit later in the day, but if you’re there, come by and say hello!)

If you like your gaming with a bit more of a charity thing, head over to Tilt Classic Arcade and Ale House, where they’re hosting an Extra Life campaign. Across town, Quarterstaff Games is doing the same.  Proceeds benefit the Vermont Children’s Hospital.

If you’re into Magic: The Gathering, Quarterstaff Games is hosting a Pro Tour Qualifier with PT Fate Reforged over in South Burlington’s Holiday Inn Hotel.

If you’re in northern Vermont, the Derby Line Events committee hosts a screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show at 7:00pm.

Finally, if you’re down in Rutland, Vermont, today is their 55th Annual Halloween Parade, which kicks off at 6:30pm in Southern Vermont. This parade’s a big one, and it’s even shown up in a number of comics.