Interview with the Organizers of Vermont Comic Con

Vermont Comic Con is coming up this Saturday and Sunday! We had an opportunity to chat with the organizer of the event, J. Moulton.

Geek Mountain State: Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. With Vermont ComicCon coming up this week, what can you tell us about how Vermont Comic Con came to be?
Jason Moulton:  Vermont Comiccon is the culmination of an idea to bring a complete pop culture experience to an art rich community that until now did not have a Comiccon. Vermont is well known for having a fantastic art presence.

GMS: What can you tell us about Moulton Comic Expo, and how did they get into organizing conventions?
JM:  J Moulton, owner of Moulton Comic Expo grew up a lifelong fan of comics, tv and pop culture. With a desire for community awareness, charity and business, he ventured out to promote art and pop culture in a convention setting. Keeping with his charitable background, he chooses a charity for every event attached to his company.

GMS: Where do you hope to see VTCC go from here, provided your first year is successful?
JM:  our first year is successful already strictly measured by the community’s support and from the response to the event. In the future we will only grow as much as the community sees fit. We hope to bring a crowd pleasing show for years to come.

GMS: What makes Vermont special when it comes to comics and cartooning?
JM:  Vermont is a hot spot for art and artists of many mediums. Comic legends are from here from Frank Miller to James Kochalka. We have been fortunate to have some wonderful guests from Vermont.

GMS: Vermont doesn’t have much of a convention scene: Why do you think that there hasn’t been a Vermont Comic Con here in recent years?
JM:  We believe that Vermont has not had a convention in recent years because they have been overlooked and under appreciated in their fandom. Vermont has a need for an event such as this and through grassroots organization and community involvement we have realized the scene is there but hidden.

GMS: Finally, what are you the most excited about for this convention?
JM: we are most excited to bring the first licensed Comiccon to an artful community and seeing those artists gain exposure with their craft. We are also excited to see the result if a lot of hard work and sleepless nights. 🙂