Vermont Comic Con Guests

Vermont Comic Con is coming up (October 25th and 26th), and they’ve been adding to their list of featured guests. Featured guests, actors and artists are mainstay attractions at conventions: it’s a great way to interact and chat with people in the comics industry, either as a fan or as an aspiring artist.

Here’s who’s coming to Burlington Comic Con:


  • Melissa Cowan, The Walking Dead, Level 7.

  • Philip McKeon, Amazing Stories, Alice, Fantasy Island. s

  • David Newell, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.


  • Nate Bellegarde, Nowhere Men, Brit, Invincible Presents

  • Nick Bradshaw, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men, Deadpool

  • Buzz, Justice Society of America, Atomika, Vampirella

  • Kevin Colden, The Crow: Death and Rebirth, Grimm’s Fairy Tales v1/v2, Fishtown

  • David Gallaher, Vampire: The Masquerade, Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, High Moon.

  • Ransom Getty, Evil Empire, Guarding the Globe

  • James Kochalka, Cartoonist Laureate of VT, American Elf, SuperFuckers, Glorkian Warrior

  • Bob Layton, X-Men, Star Wars, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Ghost Rider, The Amazing Spiderman, and more.

  • Cliff Rathburn, The Walking Dead, Invincible

  • Blair Shedd, Dr Who, Legend of Oz: Dorothy’s Return

Bryan Tillman, Torment; The Solution, Dark Legacy: The Rising

  • Will Torres, Walking Dead Magazine