Burlington nonprofit creates new library for recovering addicts


We love books, and we feel that Libraries, whether they’re a local Little Library to a regular community or university library, are important parts of any community. WCAX recently featured a story about the Turning Point Center, a non-profit that assists addicts in their recovery:

“What the library does is give people a chance to deepen their recovery, to look into themselves, use the books to help support their recovery,” said Gary De Carolis, executive director.

The money to fund the new recovery library came from Constance Robert and it’s named in his honor. Robert received help from Turning Point Center. The collection of 300 books was pulled from his own personal list of readings along with books used in many of the organization’s programs.

“I’m sure there are a lot of resources and good advice in those books, I’ll check it out for sure,” said Stephen Reilly, Turning Point Center guest.

For some, joining the center is still an adjustment, but having access to information is a part of the process.

“It’s important for me to distract myself in healthy ways and reading and educating myself is definitely a healthy way,” said Bemis.

“Everybody struggles with different things in their life and different barriers and so I think that at this point, we really have a fantastic foundation for people to choose from,” said Kim Morrill, Turning Point Center operations manager.

The Turning Point Center “provide[s] a safe, substance-free environment for groups to hold meetings. The Center collects rent for the use of space and provides full use of our facility including complimentary coffee.

We encourage the use of our Center for any group that is related to recovery from addictions. We support all paths of recovery and support any group that is meeting for recovery purposes.

Watch the full video here.