Tilt Classic Arcade & Ale House hosts Extra Life Marathon

Tilt Arcade is going to be hosting an Extra Life Gaming Marathon later this month! The charity helps to raise money for kids in need. Here’s what they have to say about it:

Tilt Classic Arcade and Ale House will be hosting the Extra Life gaming marathon. This will take place from 8 am on Saturday, October 25th until 8 am Sunday, October 26th. We will be having a variety of arcade and pinball machines as well as board games, console games, and PC games. A full list of this will be posted here shortly.

We would love whoever is interested in this to please check out extra-life.org and search for team tilt. You can donate for players or hopefully sign up yourself and have people donate money for you to play games all night.

This is a great cause and will a very fun day of gaming, tournaments, craft beer, amazing food, and fun people. The best part is it is all for a great cause, The Vermont Children’s Hospital. Please come check it out and if you can’t make it maybe you can donate for a player.

Sign up for updates here. You can join their team here. Click over to the roster, and you can sponsor team members!