Harle Oren Cummins

Vermont-born author Harle Oren Cummins was born in Montpelier on July 11th, 1877, and made a name for himself writing early speculative fiction at the turn of the century. He died on this day in 1937. Here’s what the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction described his career:

Of those stories collected in Welsh Rarebit Tales (coll 1902) at least four, including “The Man Who Made a Man” and “The Space Annihilator”, have considerable sf interest. In the latter story a Matter Transmitter is introduced. Other tales are generally Fantasy, some showing the influence of Ambrose Bierce.

Several of his stories were published in the major pulp magazine of the day, The Argosy: The Space Annihilator appeared in th September 1901, while another, The Man Who Made A Man appeared in the December issued of McClure’s. A number of his other stories were collected into a book in 1902, Welsh Rarebit Tales.

The entire book can be found on Archive.org.