Grottoblaster @ Goddard College

This looks like a really interesting show that’s coming up later this month at Goddard College: Grottoblaster. It’s run by the folks at the Cartboard Teck Instatute, so you know it’ll be an entertaining time. Here’s the description:

Grottoblaster is an immersive puppet show, live video game, hip hop concert, and house party all rolled into one fantastic spectacle. Your task, as the audience/player, is to guide the heroes- Skelly the Spellbinder and Duggha Trench, through the grotto, while avoiding dangerous perils that may lurk around every stalagmite. Can you find your way through the labyrinth? Use the map! Or maybe those petroglyphs will provide? Will Skelly be able to unlock the Abracatablet before Duggha Trench gets devoured by Distractnids? Cardboard arcade games may give you enough tickets to purchase a cardboard Potion of Unlimited Investibility. Projections, puppets, caves, ciphers, and freak style unrapping battles all add to the confusion.

Tickets are $15 in advance online, $20 at the door.