Stuck inside a nightmare – John Scalzi Interview

John Scalzi will be at Northshire Bookstore in Saratoga Springs on Wednesday, Sept. 17,  to read from and sign copies of the book. He answered questions recently about "Lock In." (Courtesy of the author)

Albany’s Time-Union has an interview with John Scalzi, who’ll be stopping by the Saratoga Springs branch of Northshire Books. Here’s a taste:

Q: How did the idea for the novel come about?

A: It’s an idea that’s been rolling around in my head for a while — the idea of what we would do if a disease affected a large portion of the population on a permanent basis, and how society would have to change to accommodate that. I decided on locking people into their body because the concept honestly seemed to terrify the people I told about it. That very visceral reaction was worth exploring.

Q: In addition to being science fiction, your book is also a kind of police procedural featuring a disabled detective. That seems unusual. How much fun was it writing the relationship between him and his partner?

A: It was important to me to have Chris, our protagonist, be someone who was “locked in.” The novel had Haden’s Syndrome as a focus, so not having a primary character living with it would have felt like cheating, or being cowardly. Having Chris front and center also made it easy to explore how day-to-day life works in a world where Haden’s Syndrome is just, simply, a fact of everyday existence. The back and forth between Shane and Leslie Vann reflects this — they’re FBI agents and partners, and their work and banter reflects aspects of their life, including Shane’s situation. But it’s only part of the overall equation of the chemistry between them. It was a lot of fun exploring that chemistry.

Scalzi will be in town on Wednesday, September 17th at 7:00pm in Saratoga Springs. Read the rest of the interview here.