International Cat Video Film Festival

Of COURSE there’s a film festival devoted to nothing but cat videos. And, it’s happening this weekend here in Vermont:

Town Hall Theater and Homeward Bound are teaming up with the Walker Art Center to bring you a collection of the internet’s funniest cat videos. Cats have taken over the internet, and now they’re taking over the THT BIG SCREEN! Each hand-selected video has been meticulously curated by the Walker Arts Center to ensure only the highest-quality lols. 50% of the proceeds go to benefit Homeward Bound, Addison County’s Humane Society. Though the festival features cat videos from all over the world, some local folks submitted their own cat videos. Visit the videos here: and vote on your favorite. The top 3 winners will be shown on THT’s Big Screen during the festival!

The festival will be held Saturday, September 13th, 2pm and 7pm at Middlebury’s Town Hall Theater.

Go vote here.