Pat Esden announces 3 Book Deal


Pat Esden, one of our readers for the Vermont SF Writer’s Series, announced today that she’s signed for a three book deal with Kensington books.

Here’s the announcement from Publisher’s Weekly:

Patricia Esden, who has published a number of short stories and novelettes, sold her full-length debut, Moonhill, to Selena James at Kensington. James took world rights, in a three-book deal, from Pooja Menon at Kimberley Cameron & Associates. The new adult paranormal work follows a 20-year-old antiques dealer who, Menon explained, has a run-in with the “dangerously handsome” groundskeeper of her family’s estate after returning to the place with her father, hoping to save him from what appears to be dementia. Esden has been published in such SF and fantasy magazines/zines as Challenging Destiny and Orson Scott Card’s Traveling Medicine Show. Moonhill is set for spring 2016.

Esden follows up on her blog:

 The YA thriller I read from at retreat wasn’t the first manuscript I had go on submission. My first manuscript went out a little over a year ago and failed to sell. Well, to be more correct, my agent and I quickly decided to stop pitching the manuscript because it was YA gothic with paranormal elements and the market for paranormal had waned. We figure it was better to tuck that manuscript away and bring it back out when editors started looking for paranormal again.

I’m guessing you know where this is headed, so I’ll cut to the important part. Turns out an editor that we hadn’t heard back from loved the first manuscript and was willing to buck trends for it—with a slight change. My young adult gothic manuscript is transforming into a new adult paranormal.

Congratulations to Pat!