Preorder Scott Monteiro’s Rex Nocturnus!

Rex Nocturnus Limited Edition Comic Book

After a year in production, Scott Monteiro’s Rex Nocturnus is now available for preorder. The Kickstarted one-shot comic looks absolutely awesome, and Scott, in our mind, has put together one of the best original comics in the state. Here’s what it’s about:

Aboard an aging vessel, the Ocatavia, helmed by Captain Grayson and a small, tight-knit crew, Charly lives the only life she can remember: the Hunt. At a young age she lost her father and half her left arm in a vicious shark attack. Haunted by the loss of the peaceful life she once knew, she replaced her missing hand with a harpoon gun and has been trying to kill the beast ever since. But this is no ordinary shark, this is Rex Nocturnus. “The King” is a legend in this part of the world, feared by all who’ve so much as dipped a toe in the drink. Thought of as a god, the great black shark is whispered to have been roaming the seas for eons. Rex Nocturnus has long been deemed un-killable, a rumor led a large amount of credibility by the scores of broken, rusted harpoons sticking out of it’s back. But you just can’t tell some girls “no”. . .

You can head over to his Etsy page, where you can grab a copy of the comic for $10, as well as a number of prints and limited editions.

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