Vermont’s Famous Fossils Get New Exhibit

Linda Fitch strolls the Goodsell Ridge Preserve


Seven Days has an excellent article on a new exhibit on the fossils of Isle La Motte:

Take a walk through Isle La Motte’s Goodsell Ridge Preserve, and you’ll have to make an effort to avoid treading on the fossilized remains of prehistoric creatures. It’s easy to spot the whorled forms of ancient gastropods (the ancestors of snails and slugs), and only slightly trickier to recognize the impressions of the antediluvian precursors of modern octopi and squids.

The fossil beds, which are some of the most prominent and geologically significant portions of the formation known as the Chazy Reef, are history written in stone. To stroll among them is to contemplate the history of the Earth: Some of the fossils at Goodsell Ridge are 480 million years old.

I’ve walked around this area before, and it’s an incredible feeling, looking at things that are in the hundreds of millions of years old. Read the full article here.