Local Author: Kristel Smart

We recently came across a new horror author in the area, Kristel Smart, who released her first book, In Stone last fall, published by Virgo eBooks of Vergennes.

Here’s what it’s about:

The house looked innocent enough. There was nothing to distinguish it from any other quaint, older home nestled within the rural Vermont landscape. For Liz, Charlie, Donna and Willa it was a dream come true; exactly what they needed. Each of them had escaped hardship longing for the comforts of loved ones, hearth and home. The spacious house, the location and the timing all seemed so perfect. But none of them could imagine the horrors that awaited them as the house revealed its secrets.

Book trailer:

On Amazon, she describes herself as such: I am a writer with a long and diverse history of topical interests. As a logical person, my world was altered significantly by an unbelievable, personal encounter with the occult. Since then I have had a deep interest in how it all fits; the natural world that I adore, with the supernatural world that I’m trying desperately to understand. My first book, “In Stone”, was written about this personal encounter.

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