Taking Stock: Vermont Comic & Game Shops

We had a question come through on our facebook page when we posted up about Free Comic Book Day events earlier today, and we realized that we don’t have a good grasp on precisely what stores are out there in Vermont. There’s the usual and very well known places that pop up almost daily for us on the Geek Things reports, and then there’s… others.

We did some research and came up with a list of places that may or may not exist. Now, it’s your turn. Help us build a solid list!

Earth Prime Comics / Quarterstaff Games, Burlington.

  • Status: Active.
  • Both stores are open and have a wide range of programming and up to date and well curated stock. We’ll be holding an event there tomorrow.

Brap’s Magic, Burlington.

  • Status: Active.
  • Brap’s Magic recently made the transition from an online store to a physical one, and they seem to have been doing quite well, with a range of programming in-store.

Book Garden, Montpelier.

  • Status: Active.
  • Primarily a bookstore, but Rick has a great selection of games and hosts the ocassional game night there, so we’ll count it.

Gamer’s Grotto, Bennington.

  • Status: Active.
  • Up and running. They’ve got a regular programming schedule, and seem to be popular down south.

Wonder Cards & Comics, Barre.

  • Status: Active.
  • Up and running. There’s a decent and up to date selection of comics here, but it’s very cluttered. The shopping experience isn’t typically that great, but it’s a good place to go if you know what you want.

Dark Tower Gaming, St. Johnsbury

  • Status: Active.
  • Up and running, with active programming. This store focuses exclusively on Magic the Gathering.

The Electric Lounge, Manchester Center.

  • Status: Active.
  • Cyber cafe in Manchester that specializes in video games, but they have tabletop space to rent. They also do computer repair and a range of other things.

Heroes Kingdom, St. Albans.

  • Status: Active
  • Heroes Kingdom is open, but they’ve got limited hours – Wednesdays and some Fridays for game nights.

Black Knight Comics, Essex Junction

  • Status: Active
  • These guys used to have a storefront in Vergennes, but now, they’re primarily an online business, with some appearances at New England conventions. They specialize in Anime.

Rutland Collectibles, Rutland

  • Status: Active
  • Open, and hosts regular gaming sessions at their store.

Amazing World of Comics, Burlington.

  • Status: Active / Unknown.
  • This store is hard to find: they’re located way inside 19 Church Street, with no sign out front. Going in, we were greeted with a sign that stated that they’re currently closed for renovations, and anecdotally, we’ve heard they have weird hours, but stock a lot of collectibles.

Main Street Sports Cards, Winooski.

  • Status: Unknown / Active?
  • This store has a minimal online presence with some reviews on G+ and Yelp!, but nothing within the last year.

Dragon’s Lair Comics at Brown’s Sales and Service, Windsor.

  • Status: Unknown.
  • This popped up on a list, but I can’t find a website or any other information.

Forgotten Dreams Used Books and Comics, Morrisville.

  • Status: Unknown.
  • This popped up on a list, but I can’t find a website. There’s a phone number and a Foursquare site for it, with people having checked in in the last 60 days, so maybe it’s around?

Northside Cards & Hobbies, Bennington.

  • Status: Unknown.
  • This popped up on a list, but I can’t find a website.

Sports N’ Tyme, Manchester.

  • Status: Unknown
  • This popped up on a list, but I can’t find a website. People in town have said that they’ve never heard of it.

Barre Comic Book shop, Barre

  • Status: Closed
  • This is from way, way back. I remember going as a kid, and someone reminded me of it recently. Does anyone know what this one is, what it was called or exactly where it was located? (mid/early 90s?)

The Comics Outpost, Barre.

  • Status: Closed
  • This comic store used to have a physical location, but according to the Vermont Book of Days, it seems as though they’ve converted to mail order, although it’s not clear if they’re still active.

Empire Hobbies, St. Albans.

  • Status: Closed.
  • Closed, according to a comment.


So, help us confirm what’s in the state! We’d be interested in hearing about some of these unknown stores, and getting confirmation that Heroes Kingdom is indeed closed. Is there a place that’s missing?

13 thoughts on “Taking Stock: Vermont Comic & Game Shops

  1. There were several Gaming and/or Comic Book shops in Barre. Most came and went in fairly short order. The only one currently open is Wonder Cards and Comics, which you have listed. The one referred to above as unknown is probably The Comics Outpost. It was originally part of or connected to Exile on Main Street (which is a music store that is still open), it was then located for many years on Granite Street in Barre, and the for the last few years of it’s life was located on North Main Street in Barre (this final location is currently occupied by Coins and Hobbies). After moving to that location, it also incorporated some gaming products and activities.

    Other than The Outpost, there were several other stores open from the mid-90s through early 2000s. These included Pendragon (no comics, only games), The Rack and The Wizard’s Cave (both comics and games). I don’t think any of these were open for more than 2-3 years. Pendragon was open from 94-97, the Rack 96-98/99 and the Wizard’s Cave 99-02 or 03. All of these dates are approximate. Pendragon started off in Sidewalk Village and then moved to an upstairs location on Main Street above Wobby’s Jewelry. The Rack also started in Sidewalk Village and then moved into Pendragon’s former space after it’s closing. Wizard’s Cave also occupied this location as they bought out The Rack when that store closed.

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  3. Heroes Kingdom in St Albans is actually open. They are only open on Wednesdays for business hours but have Friday Night Magic tournaments on Friday nights. They are not yet sanctioned by Wizards of the Coast but there is a good number of regulars (which I am a part of).

  4. Black Night Comics used to be located in Vergeenes but now mostly does anime collectables online and at conventions

    • Good to know! We’ll take a look. A quick glance indicates that they’re now out of Essex Junction, and don’t have a storefront.

  5. Empire Hobbies in St. Albans was more of a model-building supply store (especially RC cars), and has been closed for a few years now.

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  7. I’m going to rush in to defend Wonder Cards and Comics. For collectors of older comics who like to browse bins–particularly discount bins–it’s a great place. I’ve found terrific older stuff for a buck or two there–it’s like no other store in the state.

    • I’ll grant it that. They do have a lot there. The problem that I have with the store is that it’s really cluttered, the owner’s not all that pleasant, and they typically don’t carry a bunch of comics that I tend to like (Locke & Key, Serenity, etc), but I’m not a collector. Your mileage may vary, however.

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