Kickstart This: Beyond Mode 7: An SNES Comics Anthology


Vermont comic artists Jesse DuRona and Randall Drew are looking to release their comic anthology titled Beyond Mode 7: An SNES Comics Anthology. The art and writing for the book is done, and now, they’re looking for $3000 to print the book and release it to readers.

Here’s the pitch:

Beyond Mode 7 is a comics and art anthology celebrating the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and how it shaped our creative lives!

Co-edited by cartoonists Jesse DuRona and Randall Drew Beyond Mode 7 is a comics and art anthology based on the SNES. It has been about 2 years in the making and features original work from over 15 artists and writers!

The book is complete and ready to go to print, what we’re KickStarting are the funds to produce the printed version! With over 75 pages of content, much of it in color, we’re hoping to raise enough money to produce 150 perfect-bound copies!

These copies will not only cover Kickstarter rewards, but also the contributor copies that we will be sending out to each artist that provided artwork for the book!

Every dollar raised is budgeted very carefully to cover reward printing costs, packaging, shipping KS fees, and other supplies needed to produce each reward. Our goal is to print and produce as many copies of the book as possible and to put it in as many hands as possible!

Contributers include Kevin Bolk, Eric Lide, Hex Martinez, Matt AuCoin, Brandon Barrows, Bill Volk, Scott Baer, Toril Orlesky, Jesse Mead, Stephanie Whitlock, Chris “Radical” Warren, Matt Young, JoeCam, Amanda Ruddock aka “Pie” and Michael “Blayaden” Ruggia. $10 gets you a digital copy, and $30 will get you a print copy.

Pledge here.