StoryHack Invitation: The Future of The Book


Nate Herzog, the guy behind the StoryHack competition, wants to figure out what comes after the book, and is inviting all interested parties to join them in the Future of the Book competition coming up:

We want you to participate in the Future of the Book event.
We are asking book lovers, artists, creatives, and storytellers of all types to submit their vision for how they think books may evolve in the next 100 years. Answers can vary between “not at all” to “embedded chips in our brains.”
Either way, we are asking participants to submit a short video clip where they read to us from a book written 100 years in the future. Participants can win up to $500.00 in gift certificates at Northshire Bookstore, redeemable at either of their locations or online at
There are two prizes. One is determined by a panel of guest judges. One is determined by a public vote. Each prize is a $250.00 gift certificate. We keep all polling results private. We want to prevent that awkward feeling of being judged online, so we’re not going to show who’s ahead or behind in the polls. Also, if you independently happen to win both the judge’s award and the people’s choice award, we’ll award you both prizes.
We have posted a sample submission at so you get an idea of what we’re after. We’re collecting submissions and posting them at Also if you need some ideas to get started, we have a range of book inspirations at
For those who feel awkward about being in a video, we recommend that you make your video with a friend. It’s way more fun to feel slightly dorky with someone else than all by yourself. Or you can get someone else to star in your video. It doesn’t have to be you doing the acting.
More information about the contest, including information on how to enter, can be found at

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