CCS: Jeff Danziger in Conversation with Tom Tomorrow

The Center for Cartoon Studies will host Jeff Danziger for an interview with Tom Tomorrow. Danziger has recently released a book titled The Conscience of a Cartoonist, described as a ” a searing account of America in the aftermath of 9/11″. The talk will take place on Thursday, April 17 at 7:30pm at the Norwich Congregational Church in Norwich.

From their website:

JEFF DANZIGER is a political cartoonist syndicated by The New York Times worldwide. Originally from Vermont, Jeff lives and works in New York. He was finalist for 1993 The Pulitzer Prize, awarded the 2006 Herblock Prize, the 2008 Thomas Nast Prize, and is a decorated Vietnam veteran. He has produced ten books of cartoons, a children’s book, The Champlain Monster, and a novel about the Vietnam war.

The latest from the lauded political cartoonist is a coffee-table collection of his post-9/11 editorial cartoons with extensive, educational commentary. The Conscience of a Cartoonist collects the lauded editorial cartoonist’s post 9/11 body of work. Danziger documents, via cartoons and extensive, educational commentary, the tragedy of that day and the politically disorganized response that followed. This coffee-table book is also his exegesis on the art of editorial cartooning. Fantagraphics will release the book on April 17!

TOM TOMORROW (A.K.A. DAN PERKINS) is the creator of the weekly political cartoon, This Modern World, which appears in approximately 80 newspapers across the U.S., and on websites such as Daily Kos, Truthout and Credo. He received the firstplace Robert F. Kennedy Award for Excellence in Journalism in 1998 and in 2003.

This looks like it could be quite the event. Cartoons and satire are excellent means of expression, and the last decade has brought a wealth of material to examine, criticize and contemplate. This event is free for all.