Week in Geek

Continuing from last week, here’s what’s been popular throughout the last week.

This weekend’s Tolkien Conference attracted a lot of attention. UVM will be hosting the Bombadil and Other Middle-earth Mysteries: 11th Annual Tolkien in Vermont Conference and everyone wanted to know what the schedule was. It looks like it’ll be a fun conference, and I’m excited to present. Here’s the list of specific times.

Our upcoming reading, Geek Mountain State Presents Cold Mountain Stories: A Night of the Fantastic remains a popular topic, and it’s only a week away! RSVP here if you haven’t already

We did a bit more outreach recently about the site, and as a result, our About page got a lot of hits. If you’re new to the site, welcome! I’m guessing this is why Contact, Contributing & Tips was popular as well. We’re always looking for people to do guest posts, so if you’re interested, feel free and let us know.

Last week, Norwich hosted their latest Todd Lecture: Rachel Armstrong “Icological Cities” Rachel  tweeted our link, and it seems to have gotten a bit of attention from her. Sadly, it doesn’t appear that there’s an archived video of her talk.

Rutland has always been popular with Marvel comics, and in a comic this week, Peter Parker Swings By Vermont

Earlier this week, we also posted up our next video from our first Vermont SF Writer’s Series, Strange as Night, Dark as Fiction #2: Daniel Mills. We’ve got a couple of more in the pipeline!

Finally, Vermont Comic Con is still popular. There’s no noteworthy news on that front at the moment, but presumably, there will be some in the near future.

Have a good weekend!