Green Up Day to Continue Beyond 2015



Earlier this year, Green Up Vermont announced that their funding would run out after the 2015 event. The event, run since 1970, has relied on corporate donations over the years to help shoulder the cost of cleaning up Vermont roads and riversides. The early-May event is an important one for the state, and it was unfortunate to see companies such as Green Mountain Coffee pull their funding as they realigned their corporate giving.

Fortunately, others have stepped in to fill the void. From VPR News:

Dwindling support from Vermont companies had threatened to end the 44-year tradition. But a slew of contributions in recent months has helped right the ship. Meredith Vieux, executive director of the nonprofit group that puts on the event, celebrated the rejuvenation of her organization at a press conference Tuesday on the steps of the Statehouse.

“We met our budget this year,” Vieux said. “We are in the black, which was not in the looks before we started this raising of awareness.”

The day is an important one for the state. It helps reinforce a sense of community as we pick up after ourselves, and it helps to really make Vermont’s roadsides more appealing. Consider volunteering this year.