Vermont Comic Con

Apparently, Vermont Comic Con is a thing that’s going to happen. There’s not much information, but here’s what the website says: the convention will be held on October 25th and 26th at The Sheraton in Burlington. Guests thus far include Jason Casey and J.R. Fortin.

This is pretty cool news, because Vermont doesn’t have much when it comes to the convention scene, unless you’re into some fairly specific things: gaming (Carnage) or anime (Bakuretsu Con). Any regular reader to this site knows that we’ve got a huge number of artists, authors and other geeky folk throughout the state, and hopefully, this convention will get everyone together.

The website does list a call for artists, which you can find here. Tickets are available, and can be purchased at $20 per day, $35 for the weekend, or $50 at the VIP level.

They also have a Facebook page (and Event), which seems to be a bit more up to date.

6 thoughts on “Vermont Comic Con

  1. This is being run by the same folk who are also running ROCK Comic Expo in Rockinham Park, Salem NH. on May 10th: Village Comics in Bedford, NH. The May show is only $50 for a 6-foot table. The Burlington show is $175. Location, location, location! Jesse Durona and I will be attending both we hope for the first time this year, we’ll have full reports post-con at our websites and Thanks GMS for the heads up!

    • Good to know! Interesting to see the price difference, but that hotel is also quite an expensive one. I’d have thought that they might start a bit smaller, unless they’ve got some huge plans or something.

      Glad to pass the word along. That’s what we’re here for. 🙂

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