The Best of the Burlington Writer’s Workshop 2014 – Table of Contents

The Burlington Writer’s Workshop has been a powerhouse of writing in the Burlington area over the last couple of years, and they’re slated to release an upcoming anthology that highlights the best of their numbers: The Best of the Burlington Writer’s Workshop 2014. The book’s slated to be released on April 11th, and there’ll be a launch party up in Burlington that night.

Here’s the table of contents:

  • The Panpipes, Al Uris
  • Boxing, Zach Despart
  • The Person With Whom She Was Meant To Go Hiking, Amanda Vella
  • Dutch Blue, Liz Cantrell
  • The Gift, James H. Gamble
  • Strange Happenings at Wagner’s Pond, Paul Hobday
  • Soon, Hillary Read


  • Getting it Right, Michael Freed-Thall
  • Happy New Year, Terry Cleveland
  • Trajectory of a Relationship, Cynthia Close
  • Risk, Jernigan Pontiac
  • Prelude to Freedom Summer, Martin Bock
  • The Blame Drain, Peter Biello


  • How About I Tell You What This Poem Is About, Amanda Vella
  • Popping Frogs in the ’50s, Linda Quinlan
  • Miles Davis Changes, Amanda Vella
  • when the mallards came, Colleen Ovelman
  • Mastectomy Blues, Rebecca Cummings
  • Only Child, Rebecca Starks
  • Airing Laundry, Rebecca Cummings
  • Yahweh, we forget, Colleen Ovelman
  • Kaleidoscope, Darlene L. Witte-Townsend
  • Love-Fruit, Wendy Andersen
  • The Dying Game, Colleen Ovelman
  • counting emptiness, Anne Averyt
  • September 3rd, Liz Cantrell
  • Decoy, Rebecca Starks
  • The Heron, Kathryn Dodge
  • Green, Martin Bock
  • Recession, Meg Stout
  • nightsong, Anne Averyt
  • scar tissue, Anne Averyt
  • Frost Country, Wendy Andersen
  • Praying for Early Thaw, Erika Nichols
  • lost, Liz Cantrell
  • Occupy, Michelle Watters


  • Marvin Thall, Michael Freed-Thall
  • Drake, Jody Smith
  • The Beach House, Colleen McLaughlin
  • Aftermath, Colleen McLaughlin
  • The Spirit of Darjeeling, Tanya Lyn Willard
  • untitled #19, Lit Tyler
  • The Burlington Writers Workshop, Amanda Vella

Contributors’ Notes

Join the BWW on April 11th at Burlington City Arts.