Daniel Mills in Children of the Old Leech

We are the Children of Old Leech... and we love you.

VT author Daniel Mills announced earlier today that one of his stories has been selected for a horror anthology titled Children of the Old Leech. Here’s the details:

Delighted to be a small part of this forthcoming anthology in tribute to contemporary horror master Laird Barron. THE CHILDREN OF OLD LEECH is edited by Ross Lockhart and Justin Steele and will include my short story “The Woman in the Wood” alongside tales by Allyson Bird, Richard Gavin, Ted E. Grau, Orrin Grey, Mike Griffin, John Langan, Scott Nicolay, Joe Pulver, Jeffrey Thomas, and Paul Tremblay — and those are just the authors who have made announcements so far. Full TOC coming soon.

Here’s the description from the book’s website:

There are Things–terrifying Things–whispered of in darkened forests beyond the safe comfort of firelight: The Black Guide, the Broken Ouroboros, the Pageant, Belphegor, Old Leech…

These Things have always been here. They predate you. They will outlast you.

This book pays tribute to those Things.

For We are the Children of Old Leech… and we love you.

Looks chilling. Stay tuned here for details.


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