Vermont Science Fiction at Phoenix Books

What a turnout! This past weekend’s event at Phoenix Books are our biggest yet: 60+ people stopped by to listen to a great collection of stories.

Major thanks are owed to Kristen at Phoenix Books for her diligent efforts to help us plan this, and thanks to each of our authors: Rachel Carter, Rob Friesel, Mike Luoma, Ryan Meath, Rachel Mullis and Dean Whitlock, who each had some fantastic tales to tell. Several have stories that were unpublished, and hopefully, we’ll see them in print before too long!

For those of you who missed it, a couple of the authors have posted up their work:

Mike Luoma did a ‘warm up’ podcast for his story.
Rob Friesel posted up a reaction and the excerpt he read.

You can also see a small gallery of pictures from the event on our Facebook page.

Phoenix Books should have a small number of copies of the books that were brought in – stop by their Burlington branch to check them out!