Geek Mountain State Presents Vermont Science Fiction

We are pleased to announce that Geek Mountain State and Phoenix Books are teaming up for the third entry in the Vermont SF Writer’s Series, Vermont Science Fiction! This reading follows two successful events held in the fall of 2013, Strange as Science, Dark as Night (in partnership with the Renegade Writer’s Collective) and Dark Mountain State (in partnership with Quarterstaff Games).

While we’re stuck indoors due to the cold, we’re reminded of the cold of space, trapped and protected at the same time by the walls which hold back the sub-zero temperatures. Vermont is the ideal place to see the results of the progress and scientific achievement which  drive the world, and it’s a good time to get an idea of where we could be headed. This reading event will focus exclusively on science fiction stories from a range of local authors. Come join us to listen and chat about writing and science fiction!

Here’s our roster of authors: 

Rachel Carter
Rachel graduated from Columbia University’s School of the Arts with an MFA in nonfiction creative writing. Her nonfiction has appeared in Verbicide Magazine and The Faster Times. She is the author of the So Close to You series with HarperCollins, a young adult trilogy about time travel and government conspiracy. Her third book, Find Me Where the Water Ends, will be available July, 2014.
Rob Friesel
Rob is a software engineer by day and a science fiction author by night. He was raised on William Gibson and Margaret Atwood before getting seduced by the footnotes under David Foster Wallace’s bandana. His writing tends to involve lost artifacts and tiny subversions.

Mike Luoma

Mike writes science fiction and comics, produces and hosts the weekly Glow-in-the-Dark Radio podcast (, and can be heard weekdays on The Point, Vermont’s Independent Radio Network (, where he’s also Music Director. He’s just released a graphic novel version of the first book in his Vatican Assassin Trilogy – a science fiction adventure adapted by Mike and artist Cristian Navarro. He’s currently writing the 3rd Adventures of Alibi Jones, the follow up to Alibi Jones and The Sunrise of Hur, his latest novel. You can listen to Mike read his works for free – look for Mike Luoma on iTunes for free, downloadable podcast versions of all his books.

Ryan Meath

Ryan is a writer and musician from New York who lives in Burlington, Vermont.  He has read his fiction in a former military prison in Slovenia, has played in free jazz ensembles, and is very tall.  He received his MFA in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts in 2009.

Rachel Mullis

Rachel holds a BA in English from UC Berkeley and an MFA in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Born and raised in Northern California, she now lives in Burlington. She recently received honorable mention in Glimmer Train’s Short Story Award for New Writers contest. She adores sci-fi, speculative fiction, and hybrid genres—Margaret Atwood, Michel Faber, and Jim Shepard are a few of her favorites.
Dean Whitlock
Dean is a freelance writer of all things non-fiction, has been selling short stories since 1986 and novels since 2004, after a long apprenticeship as a reader of SF&F that began in 1956 or so (if you don’t count Dr. Seuss). His main genre is fantasy, with a few SF adventures thrown in. He’s not a fast writer, but he likes to think he’s good at it. After a traveling childhood in the US Air Force, Dean has thrived in Vermont for 40 years, all of them in Thetford, and all of them with his wife, Sally, his first reader and moral support in everything that matters.

To RSVP, head over to the event page that we’ve set up on Facebook.