Kickstart This: Randall Drive-In Theatre

Randall Drive-In Theatre Original Marquee

The world’s smallest drive-in theater is the latest theater in Vermont to be required to convert to digital, or to go dark for the last time. Like several other theaters in the area, they’re turning to the crowd for help. From their Kickstarter campaign, World’s Smallest Drive-In Movie Theater Going Digital:

Nestled in the Green Mountains of Vermont lies the Randall Drive-In Theatre, the world’s smallest remaining drive-in. The theatre was built literally in Al Randall’s back yard and has been providing family affordable fun under the stars ever since. Built in 1954, and celebrating its 60th Anniversary this season, the Randall Drive-In Theatre is one of only 4 remaining drive-ins in the state of Vermont. Drive-Ins are a piece of Americana that once dotted the landscape with over 4,000 theaters during their heyday.

After a record season, it has become quickly apparent that digital cinema won’t wait a few more years as many originally believed. Our dream has been to run a drive-in movie theater and rather than have this renaissance season be a Swan Song for the Randall Drive-In, we are asking for assistance so our company can obtain a digital projector and we can keep running drive-ins for many years into the future.

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