Brap’s Magic – New (ish) Gaming Store in Burlington

This is a bit of old news, apparently, but there’s a new gaming store in town! Brap’s Magic is a gaming outlet that’s been around online since 1999, but has only recently (March), opened up a physical location in Burlington at 11 Kilburn St, Suite 212.

Looking over their website, it looks like they’ve got quite the variety of games and accessories:

  • Magic Singles
  • Magic Complete Sets
  • Magic Products
  • Sealed Miniatures Product
  • Accessories
  • Painting and Modeling
  • Miniatures Games
  • Board Games
  • Roleplaying Games
  • Living Card Games
  • Deck Building Games
  • Dice Building Games
  • D&D Miniatures
  • Pathfinder Battles Miniatures
  • HeroClix
  • Heroclix Sealed Product
  • Horrorclix
  • Axis and Allies Miniatures
  • War at Sea miniatures
  • Angels 20 Miniatures
  • Starwars Miniatures
  • Dreamblade

It doesn’t look like they do any events, like their neighbors at Quarterstaff, but it does seem like their website is continually updating with the latest games that they have in stock.

Visit their website or like their Facebook page. They’re also on Twitter, but they haven’t posted anything yet.

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