Ravenloft: From the Shadows Part 2

5430798New England Role Players Association posted the finale to From the Shadows, leading to the climax of their year-long Ravenloft campaign:

The conclusion of From the Shadows leading us up to the finale of the Grand Conjunction and what might be the end of Ravenloft as we know it…

Deep beneath the foundation stones of Castle Avernus, Azalin the lich hatches his plots. The grand conjunction is coming, when all the lands and lords of Ravenloft will be set free upon the realms of man. Azalin does not intend to let this oppurtunity slip by. All he needs are a few dead bodies. Fortunately, there is a party of adventurers nearby… This is the first of two adventures that feature Azalin the lich and Strahd von Zarovich in their eternal conflict.