Run and Play Role-Playing Games at Mega Spring Meltdown

Green Mountain Gamers want to host role-playing games at their next event, Mega Spring Meltdown at Lake Morey Resort in April. This weekend, they put the call out:

Calling all RPG GM’s! At Spring Meltdown, we have four 6-foot round tables that can be reserved for roleplaying games. If you wish to run an RPG, please let us know what time periods you want to reserve the tables for (i.e 9AM to 1PM). And, give us the details of the game so we can add the info to our Spring Meltdown page to help promote it.

If you’ve got a role-playing adventure to run, reach out to Green Mountain Gamers via their contact page. Mega Spring Meltdown is just under two months away!

[Via the NNEG mailing list.]