Mega Spring Meltdown Mega-fied

Green Mountain Gamers posted updates this morning expanding the fun at their Mega Spring Meltdown game day, held April 27th at the Lake Morey Resort in Fairlee:

Silent Auction to Benefit the Vermont Foodbank

Event-goers have the opportunity to bid silently on games and game-related accessories to benefit the Vermont Foodbank. Current items for bidding include shiny new games donated by Cool Stuff Inc., Eagle/Gryphon Games and Fantasy Flight Games, plus a “handmade Doctor Who bag” from organizer Bethany Creaser. Green Mountain Gamers is also accepting donations

Every $25 raised provides 150 meals to hungry Vermonters. Bid early and often!

Mega Minis Tournament

Triple Play will host a 35 point Warmachine / Hordes tournament. Players fielding fully painted armies enter a drawing for a special prize, in addition to the top three players winning Steamroller coins. For full details, visit the Mega Spring Meltdown page.

Abyss of Insanity

Area game designer Nik Palmer plans to run his newly published role-playing adventure, Abyss of Insanity, in which the collapse of an antarctic ice shelf triggers an expedition into unknown frozen depths.

[Tip via Green Mountain Gamers.]

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