Kickstart This: Archer Mayor’s Lost Case Files

Archer Mayor has joined up with Emergent Media Center to work on a game based Archer Mayor‘s Joe Gunther series! The game will be an episodic adventure mystery that involves real detective work, collecting clues and evidence. Here’s the write up from the Kickstarter Page:

Archer Mayor’s Lost Case Files is an episodic mystery video game where the player takes on the role of a rookie detective under the watchful eye of seasoned investigator Joe Gunther. The game offers a genuine look into the world of real police procedure in the gritty style of bestselling author Archer Mayor, who the New York Times called “the boss man on procedures.” Players will investigate crime scenes, track down suspects, and construct a case thorough search, inquiry and deductive reasoning. It’s a game where your choices matter and you have control over the investigation.

The Lost Case Files is a unique take on the detective game genre, enabling players to do real detective work instead of being guided through the steps. You cannot spend time investigating every possible lead, unlike many traditional adventure games, because players are challenged to use time correctly before the trail goes cold. Each action performed, whether it is questioning a witness or processing evidence, will deplete your primary resource: time. Players must solve the case quickly and efficiently to gain an understanding of what it takes to really solve a crime.

Using Archer’s wealth of experience in police procedure, the game will let players explore how real detective work is done in the field. Players will be the detective, collecting evidence and deciding whether or not to follow up on a lead. Investigating leads takes time, but also opens a new location with more possible clues and conversations to discover within the Joe Gunther universe.

Archer Mayor is a bestselling author from Newfane, Vermont. For the past 23 years, Archer has been crafting his Joe Gunther series; a collection of police procedural detective novels set in Vermont. The books are known for their gritty realism and true-to-life detective techniques. Archer has been able to bring this quality of realism to his writing because he lives the life of a medical examiner and a detective. He is known for his exceptional accuracy in realistic police procedure, and aims to bring the same accuracy into the digital world of mystery-based video games.

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