An Alternative History of the Green Mountain State

Flag of the Republic of Vermont.

Flag of the Republic of Vermont.

Fleeting in its coverage, the Green Mountain article on the Althistory wiki nevertheless points out some interesting wrinkles in a potential alternative history of Vermont.

Reversing the numbers on the vote for Vermont to dissolve the republic and join the fledgling United States leads to avoid the War of 1812, but fend off a number of annexation attempts by the United States and the United Kingdom, including the American Invasion by Abraham Lincoln.

Amusingly, it all shakes out to roughly the same in the end: “Vermont, although not a political superpower, leads in internal peacefulness, having been at peace since 1810,[1] and also has a large tourism industry, due to its large amounts of scenic overlooks and 5-star hotels.

What do you think? Could Vermont have maintained itself as an independent republic, even with the acquisition of New Hampshire’s lands? Would the populace have wanted to?

[1] Apparently the invasions don’t count as wartime?