UVM Student Launches Emacsy Kickstarter

University of Vermont doctoral student Shane Celis has a Kickstarter campaign underway to raise funding for an embeddable version of the text editor Emacs called Emacsy:

Emacs has been extended to do much more than text editing. It can read your email, run a chat client, act as your therapist, and more. For some, the prospect of reading email from within your text editor sounds weird. Why would anyone want to do that? Because Emacs gives them so much control. If you are frustrated by a particular piece of functionality, you can disable it in Emacs. Unhappy with some unintuitive key binding? Change it. Unimpressed by a built-in function? Rewrite it.  And you can do all that while Emacs is running.  You don’t have to exit and recompile.

The purpose of Emacsy is to bring the Emacs way of doing things to other applications natively. In my mind, I imagine Emacs consuming applications from the outside, while Emacsy combines with applications from the inside—thereby allowing an application to be Emacs-like without requiring it to use Emacs as its frontend. I would like to hit M-x in other applications to run commands. I would like to see authors introduce a new version: “Version 3.0, now extendable with Emacsy.” I would like hear power users ask, “Yes, but is it Emacsy?”

Visit the Kickstarter page to find out more about Shane’s vision for Emacsy and how you can back the project. The drive ends June 15th, so there’s a month left to raise the funds to make it happen.

[Link via VAGUE, the Vermont Area Group of Unix Enthusiasts.]

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