The Book Garden Cash Mobbed

Cash mob

This in from Rick at the Book Garden:

Thank you Montpelier Cash Mobbers!

Whew! What a rush that was!

On Saturday afternoon, a group of enthusiastic cash mobbers “mobbed” The Book Garden.

“What a great way to support local businesses,” said Rick Powell, owner of The Book Garden. “I hope they’ll do it again and hit other stores so everyone gets a turn to be mobbed.”

It was a record day for The Book Garden according to Powell.

Special thanks go to Scott Pellegrini for taking the time to organize the event. And of course, thank you to customers who spent money at The Book Garden and with other Montpelier retailers on Saturday. It’s inspiring to see what is possible when small groups get together for one goal.

Keep buying local, Montpelier cash mobbers. You make Montpelier a beautiful place to work and live.

Cash Mobbing is a tactic used to drum up support for local businesses, akin to a flash mob. People are told to gather at a certain time and place, and to bring along $20 in cash. They then proceed to a store, and find something to purchase, paying cash at the list price, over any sales that might be going on. Several other bookstores in the central Vermont area have been hit, including Bridge Street Books in Waterbury and Next Chapter in Barre.