Looking Back – Andrew’s Version

This year has been a fun one for geek things in Vermont, and as the end of the year comes to a close, I wanted to take a couple of minutes to think back on 2011. Here’s a couple of points that stand out in my mind:

Star Wars Day at the Flying Pig Bookshop

The Flying Pig Bookshop and the 501st Legion teamed up for a literacy event back in June of this year for the release of a Star Wars book. People gathered in the local town gym, and were greeted with Storm, Scout, Clone and Snow troopers and the iconic Darth Vader. The reactions from everyone when the troopers entered the room were perfect: a mix of shock and awe that we strive for in the 501st Legion.

Jurassic Park at Essex Cinemas 10

The Essex Cinemas began a recurring film event, Throwback Thursday, when they bring in a film that’s been out of theaters for ages. To kick the event off, they brought back Jurassic Park. Having missed it in the theaters the first time around, I have to say, it was stunning to see the movie on the big screen, and that it held up so well. Hopefully, they will be bringing back some more science fiction and fantasy classics. (Alien, anyone, now that Prometheus is coming out?)

Jonathan Coulton / They Might Be Giants

We don’t get a lot of geek musicians in the state, but when an act like They Might Be Giants and Jonathan Coulton comes in? You jump on that, because it’s a recipe for a fantastic evening. Coulton was awesome in person, as were the Giants, but together, they had one of the more entertaining concerts that I’ve seen in years. Hopefully, we’ll see one or both of them back in the near future.

Poli-SciFi Radio

I came across Bill Simmons’ podcast earlier this year, one of those awesome discoveries that I was looking for when I put together the site. It’s a fantastic listen every week, and it’s great for the political content, but also the weekly round up of all the important geek happenings over the course of a week. I was thrilled to have been asked to join them as a guest earlier this summer.

Hurricane Irene

Finally, the big event of the year that dominated the headlines and devastated the state, Irene did a number on us. At one point, a potent reminder of nature’s fury, another of just how fragile we’re perched on the landscape, it’s something that’s had a long-lasting effect on the state, something that will always be in the back of our minds as we go into the future.

Thanks for a great 2011, everyone: we’ll see you in 2012.