Jonathan Coulton & They Might Be Giants!

Last night, my wife and I drove down to see the double act of Jonathan Coulton and They Might Be Giants, down at the Upper Valley Events Center in Norwich Vermont. It was a night of fun, geeky humor and music, something that I’d very much like more often here in the Green Mountains. Coulton’s long been an artist that I’ve been a fan of, and it was awesome to see him again in person.

Prior to the show, I ran into Bill Simmon, who runs the PoliSciFi Radio Show, and his wife, Emily, and I thought that I saw a couple of the GeekMtnState people in the crowd, although I didn’t get a chance to track anyone down. #VTGeekMeetup was a bit of a bust, unfortunately, but it was nice to see a gathering of geeky folks there.

Coulton’s set was excellent, humorous and far too short: he was on for only about a half hour, but he hit all of the fantastic songs that he’s done over the years: Skullcrusher Mountain, Code Monkey, Nemesis, Good Morning Tucson, Shop Vac and a couple of others. If you’ve yet to see him in person, go: I couldn’t stop laughing between songs. Hopefully, he’ll swing our way again at some point.

They Might Be Giants were also quite a bit of fun to watch. I knew all the words to Coulton’s songs, but none of these guys, as I’ve never really listened to them extensively before. Their stage show was also fantastic, hilarious (especially the sock puppets), and so forth. They had an excellent, energetic set that cycled through some of the songs that I knew (Istanbul, Not Constantinople), and a bunch that I didn’t, and it was nice to sit back and listen, rather than reviewing their show.

It was a great show, although I ended up forgetting to take pictures or video, for the most part. Anyone else grab anything?