Dungeons & Dragons Encounters Come to Montpelier

Photo by lydiashiningbrightly.

The Book  Garden posted to its Facebook page today that it would host Dungeons & Dragons Encounters starting the afternoon of Sunday, September 21st. “. . .  [N]o experience necessary, ages 10-100! You gain +2 to all Charisma skill checks if you like this!”

Where a typical role-playing adventure can conceivably extend across several multi-hour sessions, the Encounters program provides scenarios broken down into encounters, which are scaled to play out over the span of an hour or two. This works out well not only for those with limited time to devote to tabletop games, but also parents trying to gently introduce their children to the role-playing hobby. You can read more about the Encounters program at Wizards of the Coast’s web site.

Seats are limited, so call ahead to find out if there’s space available. The Book Garden is located on State Street in Montpelier, Vermont.