Saving the Library

schulzIrene How to Save a Graphic Novel Library

The Beat has a fantastic post up about how volunteers worked tirelessly to save the Schultz Library in White River Junction by our friend Jen Vaughn:

How to Save a Graphic Novel Library

1-DISOBEY THE LOCAL AUTHORITIES The police asked the cartoonists to evacuate themselves from the Library and they listened…until the police went away at which time a wily Michelle Ollie and James Sturm (respectively president and director of The Center for Cartoon Studies) led students, alum and staff back to the building that houses the Schulz Library. Propane tanks and train cargo cars slammed into the bridge and building as the water shifted. The surging water crested high and threatened the second floor of the building to the point that everyone had to leave. Many of these students couldn’t get back to their homes because of the flooding but luckily, they had friends everywhere!

2-GET ACCOMPLICES Not only did the cartoonists come but thanks to word of mouth and social networking, several ‘townies’ as they are called showed up to help the students load books into cars to drive the short distance from library to storage facility. It’s amazing to hear that guy who always wears the gray shirt at the coffee shop schlepped books around in the wee hours (lookin’ at you, John and Jevan).

Read the entire, fantastic story here.