Burlington Book Store Succession

In charting the events of Borders closing and the state of bookshops in the modern marketplace, as well as Church Street’s own in the 7 Days article A New Page for Burlington?, writer Kevin Kelley brings up the face that Crow Bookshop owner Keith Terwillegar is considering expanding from his current used-only offerings to include new books, as well as that the space above the storefront, while need of renovation from fire, could become part of Crow Bookshop.

It’s an appealing prospect for a local business to become the primary option on Church Street for book-buyers in both the new and used markets. It reminds me of the 80s and maybe early 90s, when the marketplace had three or four independent shops all going at once. That time is gone with the advent of online shopping and ebooks, but maybe there’s enough demand in the market for one physical store, as long as they were savvy about offering diverse products.

2 thoughts on “Burlington Book Store Succession

  1. I sort of wondered if they would contemplate something like that. I’d love to see another bookstore move into the space.

    • If Crow does anything, I think they would fill the space available in their building, rather than attempt to fill Borders’ current space.

      I think that corner will either be subdivided into smaller units or the agency may court another “anchor store” to fill it all.

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