Carnage Game Convention Seeks Submissions

Illustration by John Tenniel.

Carnage, Vermont’s very own game convention, seeks the brave and the bold in the New England tabletop game community to run events at their upcoming November convention, themed after Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Hosting events from all across the spectrum of hobby games — board games, card games (collectible and otherwise), miniatures, role-playing and even LARP — Carnage is a great chance to sample whatever grabs one’s fancy. As for game moderators, or GMs, it allows them to show off games they want to teach to others. There’s no feeling quite like demonstrating a game to a newcomer, only to watch them immediately rush off to the dealer’s room afterward to purchase a copy of their own.

Submissions received by the end of July get in the convention book, which is mailed out to previous attendees and circulated among regional game stores. If you’re interested in sharing your favorite game or exercising your adventure-running muscles, this is your moment to do so and meet fellow hobbyists from all over New England.

P.S. As a Carnage staffer I’ll be there all weekend. Would any Geek Mountain State readers be interested in a meet-up?