The Last Days of Langdon Street has an interview with Ben Matchstick, former man of many talents for Langdon Street Cafe, discussing the establishment’s creation, mission and its final days. Ben says:

The financial end was constantly struggling to break even, trying to do a casual environment where people didn’t feel obliged to buy a big meal. They could have a cup of coffee, hang out.

That welcoming atmosphere was one of the things I liked best about Langdon Street. I never really fell into any of the many wheelhouses of music they boasted, but I always knew the cafe was a place I could stop in while passing through Montpelier, rely on as a meeting place or if I wanted to retreat somewhere with a pencil and notebook. And, of course, I played a lot of games there in celebration of Geek Week and other spontaneous game nights.

Thank you, Ben and Meg, for six and a half years!