Kids Need to Game

Tyler has an interesting idea on his blog, Held Action:

Brian Pedersen posted on Geekcentricity about his Kids Need to Game project, soliciting donations of material for his school’s game club in Denmark. He also cites the many positive aspects of engaging developing minds and bodies in the game hobby: utilizing multiple methods of learning — auditory, visual and kinesthetic — aiding communication, math, social skills and more.

Shipping to Denmark’s not feasible for me, unfortunately, but a similar idea has bounced around in my head since I decided to weed out some of my own role-playing and board game library. I’d love to donate suitable material to a local game club, associated with a school or other youth-centric organization, biased as I am toward promoting tabletop games in Vermont. They’re not the sort of groups that make themselves easy to find, as I have yet to hear of or run across information about one.

Any ideas on where I might find such a group, oh Vermont-dwelling, blog-reading game players?