Something that we’ve been thinking about doing since the origins of this blog was to gather geeks together into a common place for something particularly Geeky. With a number of events coming up this summer, we wanted to open up and see what Vermont Geeks were interested in, and potentially hold an informal gathering to chat, say high to familiar twitter / facebook and blog followers: this is what the site and our purpose is: network within the state to help solidify a strong Geek culture here in Vermont.

So far, there’s been a couple of events that we’re thrown out there for a good, solid meetup:

  • July 30 or 31, at SciFi July at the Savoy Theater in Montpelier.
  • Date Unknown as of yet, Marian Call Concert, location TBD.
  • September 11, at the They Might Be Giants / Jonathan Coulton concert at the Upper Valley Events Center in Norwich.

We’d like to gauge interest amongst the group + followers. We’ve talked amongst ourselves online for a little while now, and we’d love to talk in person: Let us know via twitter / facebook and the comments here!

2 thoughts on “#VTGeekMeetup

  1. I’ll be at both concerts. I’d also be willing to do the logistics on something like a Geek Night Out, or other event in Burlington.

    • Sweet – I love the idea of a ‘Geek Night Out’ or something. I’ll shoot you an e-mail and we’ll see what we can do.

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