Vermont Toy Museum

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to visit the Vermont Toy Museum in Quechee, Vermont. Located above the Quechee Gorge Village shopping center, the museum is a small, hidden surprise for anyone who’s not actively looking for something like that. It’s a welcome surprise, because it’s a facinating half-hour of nostalgia.

Walking into the museum, the coolest thing is above your head: looking up, the designers have taken a couple of hundred board games and attached them to the ceiling. Moving forward, there’s a sort of chronology of toys: toys of every type are present, going to some of the roots of mass-commercialization from Cracker Jack boxes, toy guns, dolls, badges, and moving right up through to action fictures, lunch boxes, play sets, and quite a bit more.

There’s a lot of nostalgia wrapped up in the small space: I recognized a ton of action figures that I, or my friends played with as kids, while Megan and I spent quite a bit of time just remembering what we had played with. There’s some notable ommissions: I didn’t see any Legos or Play Mobile sets present, which seems a bit odd, and between the displays, there’s very, very little to explain to the guest what they’re looking at. It would have been cool to see something that helps tell the story of toys in America, but what we get is still quite a bit of fun to paruse.